Creative Team

We’re Passionate About Storytelling

Stories affirm who we are. Conveyed correctly, stories have the power to harness the past, present, and future. We help businesses and people tell their singular story – and how to use that story to strengthen their brand, drive revenue, and create experiences that resonate with customers. Whether it’s a product, service, or industry, we ensure your best story gets told.


Creative Team Member Ellen Krause

Ellen Krause

Listen First

My approach to content marketing begins by listening to clients, learning about their needs, and helping them achieve their goals with a creative process that brings value. Design Solutions harnesses a client’s vision and develops communications strategies around that vision. I believe my past 30-plus years as principal of Design Solutions has positioned me to take my expertise and focus to new heights.

I am organized, thorough, and eager to work with professionals who share similar traits. I manage by listening to understand a client’s challenges, offering ideas and resolutions that will move the process forward. I am detail oriented, with an eye on timing and budget. Most of all, I don’t take myself too seriously.

Creative Team Member Bill Sickle

Bill Sickle

Digging In

Exploring why and how people choose is fascinating. The last twenty years of my career have been focused on measuring employee engagement and customer satisfaction and then translating that input into actionable insights to drive profitability and growth for large organizations. My broad and deep professional market research experience started at Walker Information and moved to Eli Lilly and Company. I’m very excited to be a part of the Design Solutions team as we leverage my knowledge and expertise to help smaller companies achieve their objectives.

Creative Team Member Patti Brennan

Patti Brennan

What’s Your Story?

As an experienced communications consultant with more than 20-plus years in the field, I believe every person and every business has a story just waiting to be discovered and told. My niche is finding that story and using it as the foundation to develop content strategies and creative concepts.

I began my career in journalism as a reporter for the Indianapolis Business Journal. Later, I would move on to serve as communications manager for several corporate entities and, most recently, as a content creative consultant.

I was born and raised in Zionsville, Indiana. Throughout childhood, I was known as the “creative kid” – from keeping my “spy journals” to painting elaborate murals in our garage. In the second grade, my teacher told me, “You have a real knack for writing.” I must have listened to what she said because I’ve been perfecting my craft ever since.